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"I was a Christian, but not a mature one when I began Discover Bible Basics.  I had been raised in a church that did not teach the Bible.  I had heard stories, but the big picture had always eluded me completely.  I went on to college and through the experience was completely lost to the church and God.  I walked into the class feeling, for some reason, that this was probably beneath me (since I was a so-called Christian for a long time now).  Boy, was I surprised! This was the start for me in becoming a mature Christian.  I received a Bible, which strangely as a "Christian" I did not have."

"God touched my heart as I read the passages and a fire started to ignite within me.  The key for me was first to get a Bible, learn how to get around in it, and then to know where to start reading.  Discover Bible Basics did that for me." 
Bill - Bill is currently the Adult Education Coordinator at his church.

"I was raised in a Jewish home and my husband was raised Catholic.  Our children went to an Episcopal school and Hebrew school.  We thought our bases were covered.  Neither one of us knew God, but we knew something bigger than man was needed to survive.  The first time I went to Discover Bible Basics, I was lost in every sense of the word.  Our daughter had died in a car accident.  I learned about the reliability of the Bible and the prophecies in the Old Testament which were answered by Jesus.  I learned my way around the entire Bible and understood what I was reading.  I learned how to pray and begin my relationship with God.  The Lord has not only picked up the pieces of my life here on earth, but I have the hope of eternal life." 
Marilyn - Marilyn has taught Sunday School for several years now and helps with women's Bible studies.

"I first started attending Discover Bible Basics as a new Christian.  I was very unfamiliar with the Bible.  I had no idea how it was put together, what it contained, or even how to find my way around it.  My initial belief had been that it was a series of unbelievable, though fantastic stories.  Discover Bible Basics helped me to understand the different parts of the Bible.  I became really interested in knowing more.  It was no longer hard to understand and so I enjoyed reading it more and more.  In short, Discover Bible Basics de-mystified the Bible and as I began to read it, realized that it was indeed a life changing love letter from God.  I now have the desire to explain it to others." 
Julia - Julia is a former atheist who is now enthusiastically serving on the Missions & Evangelism Commission of her church, having taken several mission trips.

"There was a big gap in my church life from when I was a little girl to the time I became a Christian.  I hadn't been in church on a regular basis for many, many years.  Going to church faded into the background.  When I did return to church, I remembered some songs and the most popular Bible stories but I didn't really understand who Jesus is and what He was doing for me.  I joined the Discover Bible Basics class.  I learned why we believe the Bible is accurate, how to find the books of the Old and New Testaments, why we pray, and the importance of remembering Bible verses.  Some of my best friendships have been forged here and it is because Christ brought us together. He has given me an inner peace." 
Marlene - Marlene serves as a church leader.

"I thank God for this simple class.  Before coming to this church, we had never been to church before.  In a short period of time after beginning Discover Bible Basics, we were reading the Bible daily and praying.  It was truly the vehicle that the Lord used to draw us to Him." 
Chris- Chris & Cheryl have helped others to come to know Jesus and learn about the Bible.

"Coming from a Catholic background in a New England town, I've come a long way in my spiritual life. After not attending church for many years, one of the first things we did after getting married, was enroll in Discover Bible Basics.  What an enlightenment!" 
Jerry - Jerry serves in his church's music ministry.



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